Instant photography has its big comeback and has a big effect on the art of photography. The raw, impromtu instant pics are immediate, unique records of the moment, what use recalls the usage of social media images.

By virtue of the technology's features, the image-creation process seems not to be manipulated, the content of the images becomes real and unquestioned. Driven by the interest how professional photographers would use an instant camera and because of the renessaince of the photechnique after its 70-80’s big run, Zita Sarvari, a Budapest based curator invited seven artists to experiment with an instax camera. „It was interesting to see how professionals battle with the simplicity of the camera, however, the outcomes prove they were not afraid to step over their own shadows.

Andi Gáldi Vinkó dedicated a series of instant photos to a central figure of the polaroid generation of the 80’s New York, Jean Michel Basquiat. She was enlightened that through this media she could connect decades, continents, genders and personas of different art scenes.
She always wanted to do something with her facsimile Basquiat notebooks published in 2015 by Princeton University Press and the invitation for this exhibition was a great occasion to use it as an initial point. As Basquiat’s all art is about experimenting with image and text, Andi’s reflections on his notes are also interplays between words and images. That she create these reflections by the new generation of the instax cameras just strenghten the connection between the two works.